Propose a Session

Purpose of Sessions:

Because we value the knowledge you bring, this unconference puts you at the center. Participants create the program by suggesting and choosing sessions on the day of the unconference. Workshops offer attendees the chance to learn new skills to help you tell stories.

What kinds of topics do we discuss in sessions?

Everything from the Fine Line Between Access and Exploitation to How to Help Others Seek, Support and Share Their Own Story to the Depiction of LGBTQ Characters in YA Novels.

The best unconference topics are open-ended, have a question or issue at their heart, and invite multiple perspectives. You will soon be able to propose a session topic. You can brainstorm session ideas by viewing last year’s unconference sessions here.

What to include when you propose a session:

  • Your name
  • Your Twitter user name (if you have one)
  • A brief session description, including the specific topic(s) or issue(s) you’d like to discuss.

You can also give people feedback on their session proposals to help shape your ideas before the big day.

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